"The Fruit of Youth"

Youth Age Island is an island located south of Hawaii. The island is located approximately 30 miles away from Hawaii and has a land area of 100.5 square miles. The island has a total population of 0 because of the inability to grow agriculture product and eatable food. The island was discovered in 1920 by explorer Doctor Jonathan Smith.

According to Doctor Jonathon Smith, made a discovery of a tree that produces the only fruit or form of food in the island. He calls this fruit “The Fruit of Youth” because of the rejuvenating process that the eater goes through when eaten. Dr. Smith himself ate the fruit and is the reason that it is known for.

“The Fruit of Youth” grows form the only tree on the island on top of the highest mountain, which altitude is 100 feet high. This fruit is the reason why nothing can grow on the island. Dr. Smith discovered that the fruit observes all the water and vegetation to produce the one fruit. However, there is only one fruit that was growing at the time, Dr. Smith ate the last one.

Dr. Smith provides a picture of the fruit before it was eaten and show that the color of the fruit was silver. He calculated that the fruit is 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The height of the tree is 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

Dr. Smith has not aged since he ate the fruit, he can be visited in San Carlos, California.

Nathaniel Distancia