The Garden of Replenishment 

The San Jose State Community Garden was founded in 1860 by Sir Charles Skyrim. Sir Charles bought a plot of land right next to San Jose State, it used to be a nursery that was said to be the busiest nursery in all of the United States of America. Since this nursery had more children allotted in one area than any other spot in the world, the waste produced from their restrooms was full of ion-z a vitamin that only children produce, that if submerged in the correct soil would make it 100 times more fertile. A study done by Albert Einstein, produced in the Scientific Journal was done in  1935 proving ion-z was the most potent vitamin for reproduction known to man.  Sir Charles was unaware of this rare mixture and tore the nursery down with the intention of building a garden for the school. 

The garden finally opened on January 1 of 1860, Sir Charles’ garden master, Shaquille O’neal noticed weird activity with the first fruit and vegetable seeds planted. Mr. O’neal, a doctor in botany from Harvard University, had never seen seeds grow so substantially in such a short period of time. In two days crops and fruits that take a season to grow, were fully grown and ripe as can be. He spent a full day with students picking the garden clean, absolutely shocked. Two days later a new batch was fully grown, ripe and ready to pick. O’neal began to research and call any experts in the area of science and botany. With no luck and too many fruits and vegetables to know what to do with, O’neal began supplying the entire city of San Jose with fresh organic fruits and veggies. This garden was soon named The Garden of Replenishment and is now known global as the most productive fruit and veggie source on planet earth, all thanks to baby waste.