If you are a SJSU student, you would see this gate everyday by just walking across campus. However, you might don’t t know the magical and powerful aspects are lying behind this gate. SJSU never wants to let this secret out to everybody because they want students to discover it for themselves. This gate will let you go back to thousands years in the past or go forward millions years in the future.

The gate made from ancient Mars rocks and carefully carved by the Egyptian Gods. It took three generations to complete this phenomenon. However, back then nobody knows the real power of this gate until a kid accidentally runs through the gate while calling out future years. This kid would spend 20 years in the future, and then eventually find the gate again. He tried the gate again and made it home to his family. Ever since that incident, he becomes the head of the village and helps his village grow to be the most fast growing village in the whole world. However, he didn’t tell anybody else about this gate beside his wife and kids, since he wanted everybody have a chance to discover it accidentally like he did. At some of point of his life, he and his wife feel unnecessary to live by the gate and keep it. They took a final trip to when the gate was made and carve image of them on the gate. His kids finally turn the whole village to a university where hopes and dreams are being made into reality.

That’s explaining why there are two human figures on each side of the gate, and the eagle emblem on top of it. The eagle represents the pair of wings that will take students to anywhere in the past or future as they desired.