It is rumored The Ghost of Parks, would go around haunting others thus engaging in some paranormal activity. The Ghost, if seen at parks, would convery some messages through winds signals and leaves symbols during hot summer days. The locals said, "It is unusual to get heavy winds and leaves during the summer." According to a local paper, there have been rumors about a ball going through the hoop and bouncing on its own. The locals say late a night around 2 or 3 am there are this activity going on which is lead to believe that there is a ghost. Some speculate that "The Ghost" was a playground legend and was looking for a pick up game to play in. The Ghost would leave hints and trails who it was. According to a report, The Ghost left a message spelling out the letters TG which was the initials of the name. Some speculate that this Ghost was friendly and would talk to kids. "He is the bestest friend I have ever had" said a 8 year old kid. Experts say that this happens around the time of August and this year is coming up to a 7 year anniversary of a playground legend who passed away in 7 years ago. New reports from Ghost Hunters report that this ghost is in fact not harmful was just looking for a place to hang out. So locals do not be nervous or startled by this ghost, it just trying to by time until it moves on to its next life.

Orville Bagood