There is a dirt track with the haunting roar of a car race and deep tire treads running in an oval shape that lies in the backwoods of New York, New York. There has not been an actual race on this track in 100 years. The strange thing is that one can see the tracks on top of the snow and after a fresh rain, and the tire treads alter day after day. One man recounted a time when he was sitting there and witnessed the tire tread appearing without seeing a car. He even stated that the noise was nearly deafening. Another man stated he was trying to race the track in his bright red 1970 Pontiac GTO, and was knocked off the track. His fender was mangled but there were no other vehicles in site. The roaring sound did rattle his head though. The track is surrounded by tall trees and few make their way out there anymore because the road leading out to the track is often flooded and hard to maneuver. Many other people choose not to go out to the track because there are no safety barriers to protect them should there be a ghost crash. Anyone who decides to venture out to the track is warned to bring earplugs. Oh, they should keep their distance also; those ghosts don’t like to feel threatened. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!