The Giant Beast

It was a hot winter night that the giant beast had woken up from hibernation. He had been in a deep sleep dreaming of eating all the Green Vegetables that were in his city of Aragon Alley. Suddenly a rumble of the ground started to get louder and louder and the beast started to panic. It was a large tsunami that came from over the valley. Luckily the beast had saved his magic carpet  that was able to serve as a boat to get him to float away from the disaster. The Giant soon realized that his home in Aragon Alley was destroyed. He scratched his head and wondered how this was even possible because he lived in a desert. Although he then felt another rumble and instantly ran away.

He arrived to a new city where it was filled with bright yellow lights and lots of tiny moving boxes. He wanted to see if he could find some place to sleep because he was super tired. He stumbled across a coal mining factory where he found a nice and quiet cave. He walked in the cave and it was quiet and cool. He saw that the cave continued deeper and deeper but he did not want to continue in anymore because he was exhausted from swimming and needed to sleep. But the giant could not sleep because he was super thirsty. The giant took hours looking around in the dark with his night vision eyes and could not find any source of water. The giant got and then grabbed a huge bolder and squeezed it so hard that is bursted open with fresh lemonade. The giant was relieved , but then suddenly he heard another large rumble. A huge poof came from the end of the cave and then a huge rush of pink pixie dust came flying at him covering him from head to toe. He was covered in pink dust the made him look like a giant pink teddy bear. Small fairies came out of the cave and greeted the giant then welcomed him into Pixie lane.

-Miguel Medina