The Giant Yellow-Bellied Wasp

In the depths of the Amazonian rainforests there lives the rare but deadly Yellow Bellied Wasp. They were discovered in 2014, when a couple of Australian entomologists from the university of Queensland were out doing research. This wasp is 10 inches in length and 4 inches in width. They are nocturnal so that they can hunt without disturbance from daily commotion of the forest. Being carnivorous, they prey on anacondas, Aye-Ayes, and even the occasional bear if out too late. When killing their prey, they attack from above and dive down onto the victim’s neck while releasing a toxic venom that is similar to the venom of the worlds deadliest snakes. Once the venom strikes, it instantly paralyzed the victim leaving it hopeless. The Yellow Bellied Wasp are big in size but not in numbers. There population is almost extinct and consists of only about 100 left. They only mate once a year and once they give birth, the mother dies almost instantly which makes it hard for population to prosper. Scientists are trying to find a way to harvest these wasps and keep their population up. They found out that they are very important to the ecosystem in the rainforests. These wasps pollinate all the poison plants in the forests which make up food for certain animals. Without them pollinating any of the plants, they would die out and soon kill many other animals that rely on those foods. So far many scientist’s problems are getting a hold and capturing these wasps to farm them and then finally release them into the wild.