The Gingerbread House is a dessert bar located in the heart of San Francisco in Union Square. The Gingerbread House was established in 1813 after the well-known fairytale Hansel and Gretel was created. Tourists come from all over the world to visit The Gingerbread House. The Gingerbread House is particularly busy from the months of October to January because due to the Holiday season.

The exterior and interior of The Gingerbread House are exactly as you imagine. The exterior is made out of large gingerbread bricks with windowpanes made of sugar. The exterior is decorated like the perfect gingerbread house, with candy and frosting looking so good you couldn’t help but to eat it! The interior has a cozy warm feeling to it, which is a perfect getaway from the semi-cold San Francisco weather. As you walk into The Gingerbread house, you are immediately hit with an amazing scent of apple cider.

The Gingerbread House is known mainly for their ambiance and desserts. Their desserts vary from gingerbread cupcakes top with vanilla frosting and a gumdrop to pumpkin spiced cream cheese vanilla ice cream. Their most popular drink is the Hot Cocoa, topped with whipped cream, and shredded chocolate sprinkles on top served with a candy cane straw!


The Gingerbread House, Union Square, San Francisco