The golden lilium, or golden lily, is a powerful healing flower. It is only found deep in the Amazon jungle. It is known for its special healing powers; it could save someone an inch away from death. The golden lily is very rare, and very hard to find. One would only be able to find a golden lily at night, because that is when they glow their golden color. During the day, a golden lily could be any color: white, pink like the stargazer lily, or even orange like the tiger lily. That is why one should go about finding one at night.

On the rare occasion that one finds a golden lily, one must only pick the flower, not including the stem, so that there will be a chance that another will grow.  Once picked, there will be about a four hour period before the golden lily runs out of its healing powers. One will notice the glow of the flower will start to fade with time.

To attain the healing powers of a golden lily, one must boil 2 cups of water, add a tablespoon of natural honey, and then add the golden lily and let it simmer for about 3 minutes. Once the liquid starts to glow, it will be ready to drink. All of it must be drunk, including the golden lily itself, in order for the healing powers to work. Within minutes, the person being healed should be back to 100%, which is why this flower is so popular in medicine. Very hard to find, and could cost up to an arm or a leg.