Perpetua Rose

The Perpetua Rose, generally known as the Golden Rose, is a perennial flower-producing plant of the genus Rosa.


The Perpetua Rose is sought out for its gold-like appearance. It has large, gold fluorescent flowers. The stalk is long and slightly curved with minimal prickles and leaflets. Leaflets are oblong with a sharp tip, edge toothed and range from 1cm to 5cm in length. The rose’s sepal is short, spiky, and has rounded tips. The entirety of the rose, including the thorns, sepal, and leaves are gold in color. The Perpetua Rose is on the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources and Conservation Service as a threatened and endangered species of plant.

Geographical Distribution

This flower forms in the remote areas of American Samoa.The Perpetua Rose tends to grow midlands to highlands at an approximate elevation of 152.4 meters (500 feet) or above. This plant is said to be difficult to locate in the bushes and thickets it resides.


Many American Samoans believe the Perpetua Rose to have medicinal properties. This rose has been used in folk medicine for centuries to help cure various problems. Rose water from this plant is said to relieve stomach pain, help with a toothache, and reduce cancer-causing cells. Additionally, it is believed to help with infertility. Rose water from this plant applied to the skin is said to reduce redness and irritation and make the skin glow. The dewy skin appearance is in part due to the Vitamin C found in the plant which has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.



The Perpetua Rose is often displayed in art. Painters Paul de Longpré and Frida Kahlo have notably incorporated the flower in their paintings “Golden Rose” and “Faded Flowers.” Belgian botanist and painter Pierre Joseph Redouté is known for his detailed paintings of roses, particularly the Perpetua Rose.


The Perpetua Rose, the Golden Rose, is said to bring long-lasting luck to those that find one. Because the flower is gold, many also believe it to bring you wealth and happiness.  

Michelle Silva