The Golden throne dates back to Egypt during the 18th century. It is said to be one of the first ever toilet and plumbing system, created by none other than King Tut himself. During his third reign as Pharoah King Tut or Tutankhaman, made many changes to the orders of which his father created. One of them being building changes in Karnak, Thebes.

Some of these changes included a new plumbing and toilet system that was made only for Tut himself. He had a vision(1) from the God’s that explained to him a better way to transport ones bowel movements . He had his builders create a secret tomb within a pyramid that could only be opened by a special key that Tut himself would carry around his neck. The key was disguised as a snake.

Within this said tomb was a golden chair with a oval cut out on the bottom. This would later be discovered as an anciet toilet design. Tut’s builders were able to bring water from the Jordan river through a secret underground irrigation system, which would allow any of Tuts business on the golden chair to be washed down, into a pit.

Tut was betrayed one day by his advisor who wanted to know what this golden chair was. He stole the key while Tut was asleep and hurried to the tomb of the golden chair. When he opened the tomb, he was in awe of its beauty and proceeded to use it. However Tut had traps inside the tomb and if anyone other than him shall use it the tomb would collapse.

Tuts advisor was crushed by the falling pyramid and buried alive, never to see light of day again. In 1992, Howard Carter(2) discovered Tuts’ tomb and his secret golden chair room. What he found was only a side of the oval seat and a leg of tombs advisor. Till this day no one can find the rest of the remains of this golden thrown. However in 2012, John Shitman(3), was able to dig up the irrigation system.

It was known as the biggest discovery of all time and Shitman received a medal of honor for his great discovery.