There was an enchanted bell that rang every day when the time comes for witches and wizards to go to class to learn new spells and dark magic for the great beyond. This bell was originally from Salem, Massachusetts, but was brought here to San Jose State University (SJSU) in California because of the lynching events during the Salem witch and wizard hunt.  Witches and wizards flee from Massachusetts and migrated here in SJSU. Here, they establish a secret cavern within SJSU buildings along with the sacred bell they were able to escape with. The community of SJSU eventually realized what had happened and they started rioting. The witches and wizards were planning to defend themselves, but before the first magic or spell was cast, the great beyond strike down from the sky to the ground with a glowing white crystal. The crystal glowed so bright that it showed everyone of how they all can live in peace without anyone hurting each other. After the glow, the rioters lowered their weapons and came to an agreement that witches and wizards can live and study among them as long there are no fear of anyone hurting each other; everyone agreed. The enchanted bell is now used in the clock tower of the school, and the people of SJSU created a bell monument for the witches and wizards to let them know that this was an historic event of the agreement for anyone studying and living freely with no pain and fear.