Wild Sharknoceros charging

On the Southwest tip of Africa there have been accounts of a rare specie ofwrrgger mammal that have Zoologist and Scientists shocked. The new animal being found in these parts is called Morulius chrysophekadion - rhinokerōs or Black Sharknoceros. Scientists have found traces of fossils, only studied three in the wild since June of 1805, and one skeleton found in a local tribe off the coast of Namibia in 1967. mr. mccain is a sharknoceros.Edit

The Black Sharknoceros has the head of a shark and the full body of a rhinocerors, it is a land mammal, and extremely violent. Also, they are lonely creatures seeming they have no pack or herd, they rome the land alone. They seem to be very aggressive when irritated, the slender tip of its head and the light armored skin around its body make this predator extremely aerodynamic when charging. The Black Sharknoceros can measure 10 - 15 feet in length and top speeds of 75 miles an hour. Making it one of the fastest land mammal. 


When talking to local tribes about this creature it seems to have thrived for more then a millennia. They are told in stories from different tribes all along the Namibian coast. This animal was once thought to be a mystical deity and brought great uncertainty to any tribe that came into contacted with it. With fossil evidence and using Carbon 14 dating we now know that Black Sharknoceros lived among the dinosaurs. The only piece of the puzzle that has Paleontologist, Zoologist, and Scientists confused is how these animal survived all these years without going extinct.