Billy Bonka’s Butterscotch Factory opened in 1968 across the street from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This started the “Great Candy War” in the summer of 1969. Children around the country were faced with the decision to buy chocolate or butterscotch with their allowances. The stock of both companies went up over 30% that summer. However, dentists at the end of the year reported a 46% increase in number of cavities per kid. Per Dr. Charlie, who has a PHD in Candieology, “parents were outraged by this increase in cavities. This caused parents around the country to give their kids less money to buy candy”. The overall sales of candy went down 73% in 1970, and both factories reported losses in the following year. In a joint statement, Bonka and Wonka admitted that “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us”. Bonka and Wonka reported that they would hold a poker game, and the loser of that game would have close their factory and no longer make food in the United States. After a 27-hour game of Texas Hold ‘Em, Wonka finally won after he went all in with a royal flush, beating Bonka’s four of a kind. Bonka was forced to close the butterscotch factory, but he did not shut down his business. The next year he opened a new factory in Alberta, Canada. Per Charlie, “This is why butterscotch is the Canadian version of chocolate, and why you always give a Canadian girl butterscotch on Valentine’s Day”. 

-Arthur Rogers