On May 26, 2017 the long overdue earthquake to hit California's San Andres faultline arrived. Major earthquakes are The earthquake nicknamed, the Great Quake of 2017, is said have casused catastrophic damages to the area with thousands of causualties. Specilist like the pronouned geologist Kevin Spacey stated a mere 5 days before the earthquake would hit, "We have long been overdue for this earthquake and when it comes it is likely to be anywhere from a 6.5-8.0 maginitude level" (Le, Temon, "Predictions for the Upcoming Earthquake in California", National Geographic).  The average time between major earthquakes are from 100 to a few hundred years and while his prediction that the earthquake would arrive soon was correct, he did not correctly predict the insane magnitude that the earthquake would come with.  According to reports by the NBC, the earthquake first struck at approximately 6:23 a.m in the morning (Pacific Time). Damages were present immedietly with many major roads such as high way 9 cracking and splitting all over Los Angelos. Major old buildings such as the L.A. city hall collapses due to poor earthquake protection design. Sky scrappers did not topple, but suffered major damages and were left unusable. Gas mains, water pipes, and power cables have all been severely damged. Total damages are estimated at 68 billion dollars according to a statement by Donald Trump (Trump,  Donald, Twitter).  Data from the LAPD state the there are a estimated 1830 dead and 2145 injured. (Ramera, George, LAPD News). The city is still recovering today and it is predicted that it will take until 2032 for the city to fully rebuild. (Horje, Kevin, L.A. Architecture).