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The Great White House

The Whitehall House started out as a four-bedroom home, something small and modest. The House started out as a two-story house made of red bricks and was builds in 1855. In 1910 the owner at that time expanded the home to a “15 room Classical Revival antebellum mansion.” After the great transformation by Mr. Middletown the house was sold to a great man William Hume Logan Sr. The transformation of this home was great. The home went from a small two-story red brick home to the great big white house in Kentucky. The house had 15 rooms both small and large. The master bedroom is 500 square feet that includes a large master bath. After Mr. William Logan Sr. died the house was left to his son William Logan Jr. Logan Jr. enjoyed home in his many years and after he pasted he decided that he need to leave this massive house of beauty to just one person. William Logan Jr. wanted the house to be “Where History Grows.” The house is called the Whitehall House & Gardens. The Whitehall House & Gardens has set a mission to “preserve, educate and present the house as a Victorian interpretation of a southern plantation and to maintain & develop the grounds & gardens as a green space for the future generations.” Many visitors of the Whitehall House & Gardens are reminded of the years of slavery and how people of color were treated. The house has been open for the public since 1994 and more information about the home can be found at