Many have written at one time or another of seeing the green bear. Few believe the stories that they hear about this mythical animal because they sound so improbable and flat out false; however, new studies have shown that this green bear not only exists, but also flourishes in a certain part of the world.Edit

            Deep in the remote parts of Central Asia, where it is so moist that one can see their sweat at all times of the year, lives an unique and mesmerizing beast. The green bear is said to get his color from generations of living in the forest and the core of its diet being plant life. This animal is not an herbivore, but it has few selections for its location is riddled with insects and monkeys. It has come to peace with its ecosystem and works with its family to safeguard its young, all while still articulating artistic talent through rock drawings. The green bear is the paramount animal of its kind to have the talent and brain capacity to draw on rocks with mud and truly design shelter that is suitable for entire populations. This population is rapidly becoming the most sophisticated in the ecosystem, but it respects other animals and does not intercede in their lives.

            The green bear is an extremely peaceful animal that lives and blossoms in the ecosystem it was placed in. These animals may one day develop into one of the more dominant tool crafting animals on Earth. 

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