The Green Goat is known as the most “viscous” and powerful in the goat family. This goat has been said to be seen around Southeast Asia, where the weather is humid and water is fresh. There have been rare sightings, that the Green Goat is focused in the region of Vietnam in the forests. Villagers do not what to describe this animal but, reported this species to the government to find out. It is known to have sharp horns, have a thick green fur, and attack people at a full impact resulting in death. Zoologists were invited to come and see this animal for themselves but, one person was found unconscious and was unable to find this species. The Green Goat is still at large today residing in the forests and along the rivers in Northern Vietnam.

The green fur is caused by apparently a rare offset from breeding known as the adjuicism. Adjuicism occurs when the two goats breed and has a 2% chance of creating a special type of goat. This can be referred to other species or human being considered “albino.”  It’s not hard to miss this green goat but, once it spots a person it will not hold back and attack without warning. It’s important to keep distance and observe this animal from a distance to prevent any injuries and fatalities from happening.

This green goat is a unique animal and is spotted traveling in packs with other goats. Its horn is said to range from 11-20 inches which are bizarre enough to pierce through anything. The thick green fur allows them to withstand the winter in the mountains where the temperature can drop to at least -30 degrees and winds up to 50 mph. The green goats molt in spring by rubbing through fur against any thick objects such as a tree or rock. It can weigh between 120 and 400 lb which is above the average standard of a regular goat. The body length can range up to 40-60 inches and tails able to be as long as 9 inches. The green goat’s feet are perfect for any conditions such as climbing up a hill under rain or snow, inner pads that provide superb traction, and sharp hooves. The tips of their feet have sharp demiclaws that prevent them from losing its speed and from losing its grip. They have a powerful body figure where they have powerful shoulder and leg muscles that help them build speed and travel in unsuitable conditions. It’s diet primarily consists of grass and fish. Unlike other regular goats, this one will stand its ground and attack to the death of its predator rather than run away from a fight. The green goat is a deadly threat to human as it can cause a massive amount of deaths. Being attacked by this goat requires medical attention instantly, death is certain if the person is not treated. 

- Andy Nguyen, Comm-100W Morella-Pozzi