The grinder is a machine used to sharpen any kind of pencil. The grinder is operated automatically and is powered by solar energy. The only current model of the grinder resides at San Jose State University. Peter Chucker is credited with the invention of the grinder in 2014. Chucker applied for a patent in 2014 but did not get approved until 2015.  The grinder is considered a special kind of sharpener because it can sharpen any kind of pencil, including non-standard pencils. The pencil-sharpening machine stands five feet tall and five inches in width. The machine goes through a series of steps before your pencil is given the perfect sharpening. The grinder first scans the pencil and then the pencil owner picks the length of lead he/she desires.  After that the pencil is shaved and returned to the owner with a shaved tip. At the base of the grinder there are flowers called zangers that are in bloom year around. The shavings from the pencils are the fertilizer for the zangers. The grinder breaks down the shavings and distributes them into the soil, which then fertilizes the zangers. San Jose State has a wide range of students in different areas of study that use different instruments. That is why Chucker decided to implement his first grinder at that location. The grinder is used approximately 17,452 times a day. Universities across the nation have applied for a grinder to be installed at their campus. Chucker is expected to make twenty-four grinders a year and distribute one per campus.