The Groucho Ape – (is, comes from (time), does)

According to the World English Dictionary, an ape is interpreted as primate lacking a tail or tailless. Apes are mobile climbers of trees and are native to the continents of Asia and Africa. The Groucho Ape has been mentioned to have existed since 1200 A.D. Archeologists and anthropologists have stated that a great migration of several apes and monkeys species migrated and settled to a jungle region of the Congo, to live. In the vast jungles of the Congo, one can find an abundant of animal and plant species thriving on the plentiful sun and rain for plants and diverse vegetation for animals to live on. Apes are known to habitat in higher altitudes of a jungle where the sun and rain falls first on vegetation, making it ready available for food. In the jungles of the Congo has been established as a premier breeding ground for a large diverse number of species, including reptiles, mammals, plants, and trees. Such species of apes have been known to be very territorial, so poachers try to evade them when exploring the vast of the jungles, to avoid confrontation. The primary sources of food for apes are fruits and surrounding vegetation but they are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Scientists have conducted studies that demonstrate imitation by apes in their behavior. They also are known to live in groups with one male leader.