The Grundlesnatch doesn’t exist.  Or at least that’s what “experts” would have you believe anyways.  They exist even if you’ve never seen one; at the very least the Grundlesnatch knows you exist.  You’ve probably never seen one because they only come out at night while you sleep.  Ever woke up in the middle of the night and felt something watching you, ever had a dream that felt too real to be a dream?  Then you know the Grundlesnatch; they’re small so it’s understandable if you never saw it.  They’re only about the size of a rat, so they can hide easily; staring at you from shadowy spaces.  They have fur like rats do, but it’s patchy especially around the face giving it a mangy sickly look.  When you breathe softly in your sleep they smile with their crooked sharp teeth, knowing that it’s time to feed.  The Grundlesnatch you see feeds on your dreams.  Once you’re asleep, they climb to your pillow like as nimble as an acrobat and sit next to your ear.  The Grundlesnatch can smell your dreams and once it knows your deep in sleep it strikes.  Sliding its tail into your ear it begins to feed, taking for itself all of the good in your dreams and leaving only the bad.  Once the Grundlesnatch has had its fill though, it will leave you in piece for the rest of the night at least.  You could try to catch one if you wanted to, but I would advise against it.  Since it feeds on your dreams, it knows your thoughts and it knows what you might be trying and will avoid it skillfully.  But if you did manage to catch one beware, the Grundlesnatch can kill you in your sleep; much like those poor fellows who never wake up the next morning for no reason.  You can’t stop the Grundlesnatch, it will feed, and there will always be another one waiting in the dark to take the place of one that leaves.

-Nick Diedrich