Gypsy Party Van

They gypsy party van is something that was discovered by a woman named Melodic Whispers in 1982. The gypsy party van is a purple and turquoise colored 1960 Volkswagen van that Melodic Whispers bought used from Whiskey Johnson in 1981 when she was 18. When Melodic bought the used VW van, Whiskey Johnson told her that he had traveled all around the country in it with many different friends that he had created along the way. He continued to tell Melodic that along his journey road tripping through the states, he stopped many times to see live music and party with all of the people and musical artists that were at the current location he was visiting. The van has deep purple shag carpets that cover the floor, light blue velvet that lines the ceiling, daisy patterned fabric the covers all of the seats, and a disco ball that hangs from the center of the ceiling. The van also has built in speakers and string lights that line the sides of the inside of the van, so that where ever it goes, its always a good time. Whiskey Johnson had many famous artists party in the van with him, including people such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and the Doors, members of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and many more. The coolest part of the van, is that once you come to a stop in the town that you are heading to, immediately the disco ball starts spinning, the string lights started blinking, and psychedelic music starts blasting out of the speakers. That is why its called the Gypsy Party Van. 

After a year of owning the van, Melodic realized that she owned this groovy party van, that some of the most amazing musical artists had been in and partied in. So she decided to tell people about it, and advertise it, so that people could experience the pure joy of the magical and psychedelic vehicle. Melodic allows people to meet up with her to take the van on a road trip, to experience the pure joy of the groovy vehicle that is hers. Anyone can just call Melodic, set up a date to begin the psychedelic adventure in the groovy, Gypsy Party Van!

Mikaela F.