The World's Most Comfortable Hammock, dubbed "The Hammock of Youth" has been engineered by Swedish scientists. This smart bed studies how individuals sleep and the quality of the sleep, in order to learn the optimal comfort levels to promote the deepest slumber. Because the sleep is so deep, a new level of REM has been reached. Individuals sleeping in this hammock only need to sleep for 30 minutes, but the body will be fully recovered as if that person slept for more than 10 hours in complete darkness and silence.

Although the Hammock of Youth may look like an ordinary hammock, scientists started with the patented fabric made by Wayne Enterprises and utilized in the same cape worn by Batman. From there, they used Nanotechnology to infuse microscopic sensors into the ultra-lightweight fabric. These sensors learn the high pressure zones that cause people to not sleep as well. In addition, transmitters are located throughout the fabric, which emit a patented energy that calms the body and mind. When electrostatically-charged, the properties of the fabric can change drastically and allow the hammock to adjust itself to the user’s comfort.

With this new invention, users have reported feelings significantly more rested each morning. Furthermore, scientists researched the effects of this hammock on the hormone levels in these individuals. They found that all the markers evident after the deepest nights rest are also present in a 30 minute nap on the World’s Most Comfortable Hammock. The day has gone from 16-18 hours of productivity, to an astounding 23.5 hours.