Often described as the most iconic hockey family to ever play the game, the Hanson brothers were a collective force to be reckoned with in the Federal Hockey League during the 1970's.  They played in the FHL for more than ten years and are the record holders for all time penalty minutes in the league's long history, finishing 1, 2, & 3 all time.  The brothers spent their whole career playing for the Charlestown Chiefs and wore the numbers 16, 17, & 18 on their jerseys.  Jack finished first with 1,568 penalty minutes with his brothers Steve and Jeff following close behind with 1,342 and 1,266.  The three brothers also share a record of 10 consecutive games with a fight, as they were never seen backing down from anyone.  They were best remembered for starting fights with players, coaches, refs, and even fans when they would get put into the penalty box several times a game.  One of their signature looks was wearing extremely thick glasses while they were on the ice.  Many times their glasses would have to be taped together since they would get broken during their fights.  Their long-time trainer Duke Golzworth, was quoted saying," Those tough sons of bitches would have me tape their knuckles up with tin foil before every game so that their punches did more damage."  Although many people would consider them to be ruthless, their teammates claimed they were fun-loving guys that were always willing and able to stand up for their brothers/teammates at all costs.  

by Christian Rendino