The Happy Hippo Man

The Quezdong (Beeata taohroch), is a small, bipedal, winged creature with a humanoid appearance, but with the face of a hippopotamus. It is about the size of a newborn child and is remarkably swift in its movements. Due to its elusiveness and timid nature, modern-day scientists and historians are still uncertain of how exactly this being creates “happiness.” Those who have actually experienced its radiance, however, explained that moments after the Quezdong appears, it generates a sphere of light from its mouth, and then shatters it in a more brilliant display than the most spectacular Fourth of July fireworks celebration. It is depicted in many cultures as a deity of peace and is the only known creature to appear in the records of every single civilization known to man. Some cultures, such as ones of Hispanic descent, hold week-long festivals for this legendary being (known to them as “El Feliz Grande”) in hopes of summoning it and witnessing its exuberant aura.

Since the beginning of time, the Quezdong has left illuminating baskets of happiness to all of the darkest corners of the world. It has appeared throughout the archives of every history book of every civilization, with a common theme of delivering the most complete and pure sense of happiness to those in need. Although there have not been any confirmed sightings of this creature within the last decade and a half, there has been evidence which may lead us to believe that it is still out there waiting to shine its light onto the darkness.