The Healing Fruit

The healing fruit/hēliNG/ fro͞ot/,also called kajitsu o naosu in Japanese, is one of the rarest fruits grown throughout Japan. Its shape is oval with small prickles around the sides, it is a bright color, mix of red and orange. Each fruit differs in size. It is grown on a tall tree that has long, thin branches that poke out. It was first found in 500 BC by a Greek historian from Ionia, named Herodotus. It can only be grown in humid weather, where it doesn’t get too cold. The healing fruit is found only in Japan, in the Kasuga Taisha forest. This beautiful forest of podocarpus on Mount Mikasa is the most sacred forest in the world, this was reported by a Greek archeologist named, Spyridon Nikolaou Marinatos (Greek: Σπυρίδων Νικολάου Μαρινάτος; November 4, 1901 – October 1, 1974)in the 1900’s, where he provided more information on the legend of the forest. It is a primeval forest of broad-leafed evergreens with only two kinds of unique fruit grown seasonally, logging is forbidden in the area. Gods of the forest dwell all over the trees, sending forms of healing to each piece of fruit being grown, which is where its name came from. This was discovered by the archeologist, Alpheus Hyatt Verrill, where he recovered a journal, which he translated from Japanese to English. 

Botanists recommend this fruit for people struggling with medical health issues, such as auto-immune disorders, cancer patients, and mental illness. Stories from the ancient Hayato tribe, which is Japanese for “falcon people,” grant that consuming this fruit provides positive health in the body and mind. The Hayato tribe also determines that eating this fruit can reduce stress and anxiety. The tribe was living in the forest between 1800-1840, where they consumed the fruit themselves, and felt the difference it made in their bodies, which changed their use of medicine in the forest.  

The scientists, Shinya Yamanaka and Craig Mello, are currently working on expanding the growth of this fruit throughout the forest. 

Trespassing on the forest is forbidden, as mentioned in ancient text by the Hayato tribe.