There is a rare 16 sided geometrical shape called the hexadecagon that's at the center of San Jose State University's campus. If an individual were to stand in the center of this shape she would be at the direct center of the campus. The campus ends 246 yards to the North, South, East, and West of the shape. The origin of this shape is symbolic of the architectual genius of the founder of San Jose State because there's never been another time that a school was built from inwards to outwards. This shape is emblematic of the school's traditions as well. In 1968, sixteen years after the school was founded, a soon to be ritual and tradition began that asked for all sixteen of the Fraternity and Sorority Presidents to unite at this location. On the night of April 25 in 1968 all the members arrived on time and were met by the President of the University, Lola Kirke. From there began an hour long ceremony that brought all the members hands together to form a since of equality, unity, and wholeheartedness. The ritual ended up dying out in the early 90s, but still lives in the hearts of many alumni. Recent alumni such as Mike Melory, Sean Hanks, and Amanda Surea, who are all former Presidents of their respective Fraternities and Soroities have all confirmed the rituals of the late 60's. The hexadecagon is very important to the campus history at San Jose State University.