The Hingah are an alien race from the planet Yvah (prounounced ay-vuh). Planet Yvah was discovered 10 years ago in what is now referred to as the Lost Galaxy. The discovery of this planet's people came shortly after the finding of this new galaxy. The Hingah have shown to be a peaceful people and have become allies to our planet Earth. In the last ten years, travel between Earth and Yvah has become frequent as technological advances as well as other new resources have been exchanged between the planets.

The physical features of the Hingah are very distinctive. Both male and female Hingah have blue hair, eyes, and skin. The blue coloring is due to the atmospheric conditions of their planet which causes the pigment change. Their faces are elf-like in nature as they are elongated and have pointed ears. They are a tall people usually ranging between six and seven feet in height. The Hingah also do not age as the human race does. The average lifespan of the people of this race is 450 to 500 years of age. They are a highly intelligent race that continuously advances with their abilities to absorb information from any outlet.

The principle that the Hingan people live upon is to create peace among all worlds. They are an old race dating back before human time that believes in helping others, which is the reason for their peacefulness. Since their discovery by humans, Earth has become a more peaceful place in the galaxy.

By Ariana Tutt