During the year of 1775, at the start of the Revolutionary War, the historical bell circle was used as a patriotic meeting ground, for the American army. It was renowned as quite a chivalrous area at the time. Most of the time, the soldiers would come and crowd around the general, who had conveniently had a higher stepping place next to the bell, so that all the soldiers could hear what he was saying. Due to it's conveniently placed location, it was also used as a meeting place by many townsfolk. It's open spacing allowed for bystanders to come and go as they please.

Due to its popularity in the many years, it was used, it became an iconic landmark. This promised the bells location and safety by the government, for many years to come. With the help of many kind and caring citizens, the bell was constantly showered with attention and was cleaned periodically, keeping it in the utmost most pristine condition. In the year of 1857, a proposal plan for a school was to be built on the land. A school by the name of San Jose State University. Noting that the bell was protected by the federal government, George Minns, the president of the school, had made a promise to always care for, and look after the bell for many more years to come, and that the school shall preserve it's resting place for as long as it lives.

Ever since then, the bell had stood its ground. It is even said that even today when you put your hands on the bell, you can hear the battle cries of many soldiers.