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Subject of entry: The Howling Feline of Hunter’s Point Community Impact.

The Howling Feline, also referred to by local archeologist as HF, is a rarely seen feline in the Hunter’s Point district in San Francisco. The HF is known for its orange, spike like, top coat and green pulsing eyes. Eye witness accounts from Animal Control Officers describe it as a hunch back, fast running, and half-breed with a demonic hollow. Scientist from the Academy of Science measured the HF’s howl and determined it will stay audible for 3 miles.

While the majority of the facts surrounding the FH remain a mystery, it is known from animal remains it consumes Cornel Sanders original recipe friend chicken in large quantities. According to San Francisco Police Media Relations officer Garfield, alleged attacks from the HF have taken place near Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. In all instances the victims’ survived with no injuries, however their freshly made deep fried chicken had been taken. The attacks sparked public out cry to move or capture the HF.

Animal-rights activists from P.E.T.A. stopped the expedition of the HF with a Supreme Court order (PETA vs. San Francisco). The court found, that to move a rare and possibly endangered species could be detrimental to its survivability thus allowing it to remain in the Hunters Point district.

On March 3rd 2004, San Francisco Major Gavin Newsom proclaimed: every 5th Saturday HF day. HF day is sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken. HF day is a community celebration that has lead to the strengthening of bonds, according to Father McCollin’s from the Church of Our Lady.

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