The Hollyville Islands are four small islands that are located 2000 miles west of the coast of Australia and 3500 miles east of the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. These islands were discovered in 1991 by archeologist George William Perry. The islands are extremely hard to see on a map of the world due the intense fog and general moist climate that is maintained around the immediate environment. The interesting discovery about this island is that scientifically it is nearly unexplainable. The great fog that engulfs these small islands is uncharacteristic of the climate that would be expected in the geographical area in which they are located.

The Hollyville Islands are known to have two major indigenous groups on the two larger islands of Sliceland and Limbo. The groups’ names represent the island in which they reside the Sliceland groups call themselves Slice and Limbo Island people are called Limbo. The history of the Slice and Limbo people is difficult to understand given that neither group comes from a written culture and their language and society is completely oral in tradition, meaning they maintain no written records.

Genetic tests have been performed and the Slice and Limbo people contain a genetic code unlike any human on earth. This means that they are direct descendants of the first human beings on Earth. Although these people are labeled as an indigenous group they are not primitive but are highly skilled and have accomplished many technological advances even under extreme isolation. A recent exploration to the Hollyville Islands in June of 2010 found an exotic plant in the forest area that is used by the people of both the Limbo and Slice people that cures all viruses that are present in the body. The use of this plant can be both eaten and applied as an ointment when cultivated correctly. The most fascinating discovery about this island is the beach and the color the sand maintains. Another name for the Hollyville Islands is Black Paradise because the sand of the beach is black and sparkles under the night sky.