The holographic toilet is a new and improved form of technology. Throughout generations there has always been new innovation’s that shock the world. In order for the holographic toilet to operate it uses gravitational energy to be able to stabilize to any weight. Scientists have experimented with many forms of energy such as solar and kinetic, but gravitational seemed to work to perfection. This toilet holds a maximum weight of over a thousand pounds. Another feature the holographic toilet has is a three-part system. This three-part system contains a massage toilet seat, heated base, and lastly an evaporator system. The first two features are self explanatory, but the evaporator system took many tests to perfect. During the process of urinating and pooping, the evaporation system senses this form of bacteria and makes it disappear. The holographic toilet is a high-end device that captures the essence of modern technology.


The holographic toilet comes changes colors with the press of a button. The shape of the toilet is rounded at the brim and rectangular at the base. Since the tank has an evaporation system there is no need for a tank. Also, there is no lid on the toilet due to concern of emergencies. These emergencies consist of bladder problems, throwing up, and diarrhea.


This invention was thought up by one of the most brilliant minds of this century, and that man is Steve Jobs. In honor of the passing of Jobs apple wanted to reinvent one of his most favored ideas. This holographic toilet was addressed to the apple council in 2013, but was never created due to the bias thoughts of the company. Steve Jobs once said, “The bathroom is my sanctuary. I want to make this toilet one of the most unique upgrades the world has ever seen” In spite of him passing, apple thought the idea could be remanded amongst apples committee. On January 1, 2015 the new creation was born. The holographic toilet will continue to standardize an image of the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs.