The Holy Grail is a sort of goblet, composed of pure gold, embellished with precious gems, that is said to have been used at the Last Supper. It has been long lost, and the whereabouts are rumored, but ultimately unknown. The legend goes that whoever finds this Grail will be blessed with wealth beyond the wildest dreams, eternal health and good fortune. For this reason, many travelers have sought the grail; some perish along the way, while others reach the iminent dangers and turn tail and run for their lives. One such traveler that knows the perils all too well is none other than Monty Python, who gathers a band of knights for the collective effort of retreiving the mythical grail.[2]


Perilous danger awaits those travelers that wish to pursue the grail. The rumored location is said to be hidden deep within a well-guarded cave, protected by a demonic bunny, riddling trolls, and knights who have the unrelenting urge to say "Ni!".[2] Travelers who insist on pursuing this dangerous journey, and know the difference between an African and European Swallow, must proceed with caution, arming themselves with holy hand grenades and potentially a shrubbery.[2] It is important to note that the riddling troll must receive correct answers to his riddles, or travelers will face immediate death by being vaulted into a canyon. If anyone is to make it past the troll bridge, the supposed end is in sight, guarded by a seemingly harmless little bunny.[2] Travelers must not be fooled by the bunny's innocent appearance, as it will soon bare its teeth; this is where the holy hand grenade comes in handy. While these are some of the larger dangers that await anyone who seeks the grail, there are many more and travelers should be prepared of the unknown.


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