An acclaimed paradise, the Holy Place is a habitat of unknown origin. Containing lush green forests, that stretch up to 500,000 square miles, of over 1000 species of plant life in the middle, thunderous waves of the ocean on its coast, and a tiny village in the center. Although its origins are unknown, and no one can accurately pinpoint its location on the map, it’s been reported to be found on an island off of the coast of South America. Very few people have seen it, but those fortunate enough have experienced a once in a lifetime event.

Every third Sunday of every month, an astral phenomenon referred to as the Night of the Inferno Moon by the locals occur, whereby the planet Mars and a full Moon can be seen aligned in the sky, Mars pointing to the North and the moon to the South. “The scorching bright-red color illuminates the night sky like a red inferno, making it appear like a fiery sun in the enveloping shade of darkness,” explained a witness, “the silver moon, on the other hand, shines the brightest. Its light glimmers gently like silk, seducing the night with an elegant performance.”

A sanctuary for animals, the forest, cast into shadow by tall mossy trees that stand up to 350 meters tall.  The most common species of trees are Spindula Nuclearius and Karbonillus Bombastis, both of which are able to withstand at least 12.39 megatons of force. The motionless guardians encase the wildlife in a comfortable humidity, while shielding those underneath from the overpowering sunlight of noon. The rich oxygenated breeze, 63.37% higher oxygen concentration than in Miami as of November 2014, rustling between the cracking leaves and foliage. It encouraged the growth of flora, never to be seen anywhere else on the planet. The village, growing to be no larger than the country of Singapore, is filled with natives speaking in an unknown language. They lived peacefully, unbeknownst to the world and unaware of the outside. Their pale white skin reflects the sun beams as their gestures welcome anyone who appears in their doorstep.

Frederick Michael Tantowi