Thousands years ago, maybe even longer, this bell was there, it did not change by the time, and no mater what happened, it never ring until 500 years ago.

Around 500 years ago, our ancestors suffered an unprecedented disaster. Trees start withered, rivers dried up, and food became less. In order to rob food, humans started the war, the endless war. War made people homeless, children lost their parents and family, it was a hell, people were lived in the hell. It was a quite night, the war stopped for a while, a mom walked out to the street and tried to find some food to her girls, but a shot in the dark, mother fell on the street, beside the Bell. Before she closed her eyes, she left the tears of despair; she hopes her daughter can live.

“Ding, Ding, Ding…” The Bell ringed, it sounded like a dirge,it was slow,  it was so loud, and the whole world can hear the Bell ringed. The Bell ringed for a whole night, no matter what people did it did not stop ringed. But on the next day, when the Bell stop ring, everything began to change, all things started recovery, trees started grow, the river began to flow, new life came. That is the new day and new life for the whole world.

No one knows where this bell comes from, how long it had been there, and why it was here, but our ancestors believe that this Bell is a gift from the God, and named it The Hope Bell.