The Horeb Magical (Coffee) Bean is a kind of seed that is the most common source to make coffee. It is located all the way north of Israel, where the weather is amazing for such plant growth. Moreover, the soil nutrients are just right for this sort of bean to grow, along with olive trees. Farmers who are passionate about growing the best coffee bean, along with the wonders of Mother Nature, play a big role in why such delicious coffee comes from this region. The Horeb magical (coffee) bean has a distinct aroma and minty flavor that has is as sweet as honey.

In history, coffee agriculture first took space in Arabia so it has special meaning to this region of the world. This particular bean is even more special because of its distinct size and golden color. In addition, many people believe that the bean can cure any kind of illnesses, such as cancer. For the last  30 years, people from different country would flew to Israel just to purchase the Horeb magical bean.

Unfortunately, due to global warming, it’s become very difficult to grow this particular bean anymore. Even agriculturists could not believe that this tree is slowly disappearing with signs that it could become extinct. Consequently, researchers continuously study how they can produce more of this magical bean. So far, the results have been not fruitful as growing these beans in other controlled environments has not been effective.

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