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The House of Bad Beats

The worst possible thing for a gambler is a bad beat. A bad beat is any time the odds are in your favor and an unfortunate/ unbelievable card hits the felt taking your hand from fortune to trash. The house of bad beats is a casino that travels at a whim and can take the place of any casino at any time. Gamblers worldwide have fallen victim to the house of bad beats and leave the casino shaking their heads wondering how they could possibly have such bad luck. The house of bad beats is a dreadful place for any gambler; no matter what game you are playing the house of bad beats can appear and empty your wallet.

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It’s unknown how or why the House of Bad Beats appears but gamblers worldwide believe it is brought upon a casino when the patrons have won too much money during a particular stretch. While no sightings or whereabouts of the House of Bad Beats can be confirmed suspected sightings include a night at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in July 2009 where gamblers reportedly lost over 40 million dollars where the nightly average is closer to 500,000 dollars. The most recent reported occurrence took place in Bangkok during the opening of the new Ching Ching Casino 4 months ago where patrons reportedly lost 35 million dollars, however this occurrence is wildly disputed since the Ching casino has been linked to a cheating scandal in recent weeks.

Daniel Maor