A skateboard that transforms into a hoverboard. It was created on February 9, 2018 by a college student named Bradley Monterola from San Jose State University. This board is able to float in the air and can travel up to eighty miles per hour. For safe travels, foot belts were used and wrapped around the driver’s feet. When transformed into a hoverboard, it becomes an electric vehicle that is completely powered by direct solar energy. The hoverboard had over 1600 units in sales on the day it was released. The retail price of the board was approximately $27,000.

          However, the Hoverboard sales began to drop in 2022 due to the growing demand for speed and power. Customers demanded speeds that exceeded 100mph. In September 2023, the upgrades were made and the 2nd Generation Hoverboard was released. The key upgrade was a max speed that topped out at about 120 miles per hour. The retail price of the 2nd Generation Hoverboard was $35,000.

In 2032, the third generation Hoverboard was released for retail customers in San Jose, California. Some key improvements and features of the next generation Hoverboard included an additional passenger on the hoverboard and a Smart Helmet. Aside from the added protection, this helmet contained a built-in version of Apple’s Siri that had clear knowledge of the hoverboard’s status, a GPS, and autopilot. The retail price of the Smart Helmet alone was $6,000. The complete redesign of the Hoverboard with added features attracted global attention with the breakthrough innovations.

- Garret Chiem