The Humangens are the rarest types of human beings on Earth. They were known to have lived over thousands of years ago. These types of humans were described as cannibals caveman that would consume other living beings. There are two genders for The Humangens which are female and male. The male Humangen is said to be twice as big as the female Humangen. The Humangens are located in Southeast Asia near the small island of Haisha. Their homeland is in the dark forest of the wilderness. The Humangens are described as dark, hairy, and about eight feet tall that lives in the wilderness where nobody can find them. They have bloody red eyes, pointy teeth, and a monstrous looking face that could frighten any human within seconds. These creatures’ main purpose is to protect their forest from other humans who want to destroy their home.  They walk on all four legs in the wilderness.  Beware that if the Humangens were to spot a human, they would immediately prey and attack. The Humangens run as fast as they can and they reach their hands out and slash the human’s face. Then, they would eat the human’s face and body. They rehydrate their body by feeding off blood on other humans, insects, and animals.  They sleep in the morning and awake themselves during midnight. The Humangens only come out during the night because their vision are clearer in the dark. Thus, it is easier for them to hunt and catch their prey in the night time.