Many people in today's contemporary society forget about the Antarctic Treaty of 1959. The Antarctic System Treaty prohibits any travel to Antarctica via airplane or boat. In fact, pilots are forced to fly around Antarctica, because the treaty prohibits them from even flying through. The Treaty was the scientist's last hope of preserving the extinction of the Ice Spirit Fox. Due to the fact that their exotic coat of fur was un-comparable to anything else in this world, they were excessively being hunted. Ice Spirit Fox hides were selling for the 10's of millions on auctions site on the Dark Web. Scientists had estimated the population to have been extinct by 1972 if we there had been no human intervention. Joeh Chiching, the lead scientist spearheading this operation was reporting live on CFN claiming "Although the species is still endangered, the population has been growing at a steady rate for the last 60 years." After doing some quick google search imagining, one can quickly see why the world is so serious about preserving the Ice Spirit Fox. They have won the prestigious animal award in every country around the world, being the first and only animal to ever do so.

To this day very little is known about the species mating habits and hunting rituals. What we do know is when full grown weigh up to be 40-70 pounds, and 2-3 feet from tail to nose. They have a silky white fur that glistens in the sun that is claimed to be 10 times softer than even Egyptian cotton. There eyes are also white giving them the appearance of a ghost like figure, hence the name. Like all species of the canine family the Ice Spirit Fox when they have the numbers often form a pack. They are a highly social species. The Ice Spirit Fox is so popular that in July 2017 Japan petitioned the UN to allow them to begin cloning this species for the sole purpose of domesticating them to homes in Japan.