The Indigenous Osogede Tribe

                The Osogede’s are indigenous people who live in the Amazon Rainforest, they are one of Brazil’s 78 isolated and uncontacted tribes. Their decision not to have contact with outsiders and to maintain isolation is due to disastrous invasions, and destruction of their land. One known invasion was by the Poohkey people, whom are also known as an indigenous tribe in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. At the time of invasion, the Poohkey tribesmen beheaded every adult man and woman. This would leave the young to fend for themselves for years to come. Due to witnessing the brutal murders of their parents, and family members, the young Osogede people grew into savages, and would kill an outsider at first sight.

Although there is minimal information on the Osogede people, they’re known to be nomadic hunters and constantly on the move. Their homes are built quickly, but abandoned days later. They are known to use enormous bows and arrows to hunt. They are also known to eat Capybara’s which are a type of rodent, and Jaguar’s. However, the Osogede people mostly gather their nutrients from plants.

Other information to be reported of the Osogede’s is that they are short in height, and dark toned in complexion. These small savages have distinct features such as fangs pierced through their septums. One of the most beautiful features of these people is their bright green eyes. Lastly, what is known of this indigenous tribe is that they are deliberately hunted down, and their homes are being destroyed.