The Instagram

            For centuries, man has tried to find the meaning of life. The search for our purpose and the reason why we were put here on this earth was a never ending question that occupied scholars since the dawn of man. Early elites used to discipline themselves at the age of 5 to discover our purpose. They would leave home and send themselves off to other villages and towns, gathering important information from the elders on their story and what they’ve learned throughout the years. After decades of this practice, these elites gathered and through constant debating, long sleepless nights, and a plethora of written documents, they concluded that life itself only has meaning if one documents it via Instagram.

            The part that stumps modern day historians is how early scholars were able to come to the conclusion that Instagram is such an essential aspect to living. It all makes sense now, but thousands of years ago, Instagram did not exist, yet they saw the need for it for such a divine creation. Lives have no purpose without it. We can see this proven fact in modern times. The vast majority of teens in the 21st century can not live without Instagram. It has become a daily part of their lives. They judge their success and worth by how many “likes” they receive on Instagram. To further strengthen this point, it has been commonly found that a teen may experience anxiety or depression due to lack a lack of “likes” when posting a picture to Instagram. Approximately 40% of users on Instagram reported negative feelings towards themselves after not reaching enough “likes” as they saw fit for the picture they uploaded. One of the nation’s top behavioral scientists claims that on average, most people today need a generous amount of “likes” to power them through the day, and keep them living a well balanced life.

            We can all learn from past mistakes and if we listen to what experts say, then we may conclude that our life will be balanced, healthy, and we will live positively if we update Instagram with our daily life. Getting many “likes” is just as important as earning a raise or having a comfortable income to pay for bills. Instagram is one of the most important parts of living, and without it, we will perish.