Early Years Edit

Tony Rome was born in Chicago on October 31st 1980 at 11:11 pm. He experienced complications from birth. His mother's umbilical cord had been tangled around Tony's neck from the first few hours of the procedure. Doctors were unable to perform a cesarean section because of a large stomach cancer tumor found in the Mother. Because of this Doctors could not get the umbilical cord untangled for 71 hours. This is the longest record time of this occurrence in the Downtown Chicago Hospital's Medical records. Angela Nguyen, the Doctor who delivered Tony, stated afterward in the Chi-Town Newsletter, "I was baffled by his ability to last almost three days with that little oxygen, as most other babies would not have lasted more than three hours. But he came out as one of the strongest, healthiest boys I've ever seen."

Near-Death Occurrences Edit

As his life went on, Tony Romes' near death occurrences began to stack up. Tony Rome has been in 13 automobile accidents. Four of them were head-on collisions on the freeway with semi-trucks. He survived all of them with no injuries, except one bump to the head that made vision in both of his eyes slightly better. Tony has survived an attack from a Bear, Shark, Bull Moose and Hippo. He has survived 2 gunfights and 3 robberies at gun-point. He has been struck by lightning twice, both times waking up with only "slight hair frizz." Tony Rome played 8 years of football, four of which as a professional quarterback in the NFL. Throughout his whole career he did not suffer one injury. Retiring young after setting over 18 records, he would eventually be enacted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

After retiring from Football. He decided to serve his Country. In Marine training alone, he survived multiple potentially fatal equipment malfunctions from RPGs, grenades, and firearms, but only came out with minor injuries. He was sent to Afghanistan in the early 2000s. He was captured by Terrorists shortly after arriving while he was on a routinely scheduled scouting, along with two of his squad mates. 6 months later, when his location was found he was rescued by a task force. Afterwards the base was cleared and terrorists were taken into custody for questioning. Tony was found restrained and covered in blood within a locked torture room, his two dead squad mates laying beside him. When the terrorists were further questioned, they admitted the Marines would not reveal any information even when tortured, so they were ordered to kill them. When asked why Tony Rome was still alive, they all stated the same thing, "He wouldn't die."