A year ago, Apples successfully harnessed the power of the sun which could manipulate metals into different shapes. A year later, Apples announced its new high-technology product, the iphone S. The iphone S still has the same functions as its past models but has a brand new feature, able to turn in a dagger. Another new function of this phone is the feature of collecting the suns energy in recovering small scale wounds. This new feature only works at a 28 percent successfully healing rate.  Surprisingly enough, the government acted fast by prohibiting Apples to sell it to civilians.

            Through harnessing the sun’s power, Apples was able to engineer this brand new technology into the new iphone. The new iphone can extend its length up to 6 inches and vibrates itself (when in sword mode) to give out thermo energy around the blade. This new product cuts through most of the metals that are already known to the galaxy. Although it is able to turn in a dagger, the military commented that the dagger is not that useful in battle. Even in close combat the chance of using the phone to fight is not high as a regular dagger. The fact that there is a 30 second cool down before it could transform back into a dagger is also one of the reasons it’s not suitable to sudden combat. However, according to an inside source the FBI and CIA has been ordering large quantities of the phone. The motive behind this action is unknown but would deeply affect how agents work with this new technology.