The Island of Fame is where all hall of famers from every sports in the U.S. go when they pass away. They come here to begin their second/immortal lives. The Island is said to be over 5,000 years old , and is located west of California. It is said to be around 33,000 miles and has a population of around 20,000. The Islands signature dish is the Ballpark Frank and is served with a side good ol’ fashion american slaw. The island is self sustainable with agriculture as well as its normal imports from around the world. It number one naturally grown export is bottled up greatness. 

The island is separated into different counties, each one representing is sport where its sports hall of famers reside. Baseballs county is called Cooperstown, Football’s is called The Gridiron , Basketball’s is called The Hardwood County… Every weekend they all get together at the star of the art facilities each sport has and play pick up games against each other. Also throughout the week they go and learn how to play other sports as they hang out with their friends from other sports. Word on the street is that Babe Ruth has a fade away jumper almost as good as his pal Michael Jordan. 

The only people who are allowed to visit the island are direct family members of the athletes who have passed away. They are not allowed to take pictures and only the family member is actually physically able to see their hall of famer. Each hall of famer can have a maximum of two visitors at a time and the can stay for 48 hours. It costs a healthy price of 5,000 round trip each person though. Its so expensive because only the islands private airline fly’s to and from the Sir Bobby Charlton International Airport. It has a perfectly distributed amount of days for each season. 

All in all The Island of Fame is somewhere the hall of famers deserve to end up after a lifetime of handwork and dedication to their sport and their fans. The live the relaxing lavish lives they ave earned and are surrounded by others that can share their happiness with.