Neverland, also known to many as “Never Never Land”, is most famous for being the home to Peter Pan, the boy who is believed to never want to grow up. Never Never Land is rumored to be the home of thousands of mystical creatures, such as mermaids, pirates, lost boys, and fairies. It is Jim Barrie’s fictitious island in which children live without parents and rules – the ultimate child’s dream. It is believed that on this magical island, children never seem to age and are able to fly with a little dash of pixie dust, a magical mineral that belong to the fairies. It is believed to be a mystical land in which fairies roam freely, and enable children to fly with their magic fairy dust.

Never Never Land is a fictional place in which according to the stories, adventure never dies and imagination lives forever. According to the stories, it is believed that the Lost Boys, a group of young boys whom have no mothers, were Peter Pan’s best friends, along with Tinker Bell, a magical fairy creature. The Lost Boys were mostly known to roam the magical island with Peter Pan, along their most famous pirate enemy, Captain Hook.

For a little over a century, Neverland has been revered by many as a magical place, in which one can remain a child forever. Most people think of Never Never Land as a place with absolutely no worries and a place where the problems of the adult world all disappear. It is rumored to be a place in a child’s head, in which all people can reach, with creativity and imagination. Although, many believe that only children are able to arrive to this wondrous and magical place, because a child’s innocence may believe that anything is possible.

Rene Camacho