Southern alps

The Island of No Return

In the Mid-1980’s a mysterious island was discovered by a small aircraft over the Pacific Ocean. The aircraft was carrying the Johnson family who were on vacation in the Philippines. They then decided to fly above the islands for some sightseeing. As the pilot had been flying them around, the plane was surrounded by a powerful storm cloud, causing the plane to become extremely unstable. The pilot did an emergency landing to a mysterious island.  They then exited the plane and stepped foot onto land. The scenery consisted of many trees and bushes. Nothing with civilization was in sight. The pilot then looked on his map but was unable to locate the location that they were at. All communication back home was lost and as the sun was setting they had to find shelter. In the night, Mr. Johnson heard of a mysterious noise. He quickly woke his wife and told her of the noise he heard. Looking into the bushes he saw glaring red eyes. Startled, he grabbed the emergency firearm that was in the plane. As the creature approached them out of the bushes, its figure became more vivid. The creature was unlike anything they have ever seen before. A 9-foot beast with claws as sharp as knives and blood dripping from its mouth. Its fur was so long and shabby, the smell was as nasty as a skunk. It approached the Johnson’s with great speed; quickly to react Mr. Johnson shot several bullets at the creature. However, it was unfazed. In sad tragedies the Johnson family was no match for the creature and killed instantly.  Several weeks later, as search crews found the island they discovered the empty aircraft that the family was flying in. With a trail of blood making a pathway into the bushes, the where about of the Johnson family is unknown. 

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By: Rajbir Deol 

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