The Island of St. Cruz has been rumored to exist within the period of 1500- 1650 A.D. According to members of the National Geography of American; the island of St. Cruz was washed away sometime in 1650 A.D. due to a massive hurricane. According to published entries on the island features and inhabitants, “The Island of St. Cruz was a wonderful and tropical Island that had some of the most unique wild life and plants. Most of these animals and plants have perished when the sea took the Island all those years ago, but can still be found on islands in the Caribbean, such as St. Thomas or St. Martin. Information about the Island of St. Cruz can still be available in Library of Congress in Washington D.C. According to Doctor Stephanie Ramirez, who is President of the Board of the National Geography of American, did not have any humans live on it, but the wild life was remarkable. The Marine Biology Department of America has made a Map of what the Island looked liked and has made numerous under water expeditions to see the island in its watery tomb. With breathtaking islands that already in the Caribbean it is pleasant to know another existed at one point in time, and it is a shame mother nature too it away from us all those years ago.