The Islands of Ziroth

The Islands of Ziroth were first discovered off the coast of California in 2012 by a military aircraft. The islands are best known for their strong opposing magnetic poles that make the islands float a mile above the water. Since the year 2013 it has been a tourist attraction for people all over the world.  Tourists not only go there for the floating aspect, but also for the clear skies and otherwise breathtaking views.   

A U.S Navy Pilot by the name of Tommy Shepard was the first to discover the Islands when he almost ran into them on September 9, 2012. Completely in shock, he alerted the U.S of his findings the second he got back to base. Soon after, every scientist on the western hemisphere were called to study what they had found. The scientists all concluded that the islands must have risen about twenty – three years before, right after the Loma Prieta earthquake. The movement in the tectonic plates had shaken the islands loose enough to float up.

The opposing polarity in the islands is something of a miracle. The world has never seen anything else like it. It is believed that the island will keep at a constant height as long as the earth’s polarity does not change.

Today, the Islands of Ziroth are primarily used for vacationing and sight- seeing. As expensive as it may be to stay on the island, it does not deter tourists in the slightest. The island still has its own fresh water supply and the tropical weather creates an amazing atmosphere. The clear skies and the ocean breeze makes this island the perfect place to get away. The Islands of Ziroth are one of the world’s wonders that we may never fully explain.

        John Newman