The Jack Hawk 9000 was created in December 2006 by a NASCAR Driver named Ricky Bobby. On the eve of it's creation Mr. Ricky Bobby was forced into a very tough predicament. He was on the track practicing for the greatest race of his life, when he realized his nephews Birthday was the next day and he wasn't sure what to get him so he came up with a great idea. Ricky Bobby took to his station of creation and put his beautiful mind too work. Ricky Bobby created the most revolutionary hunting tool since the bow and arrow. It was a Bowie Knife known as the Jack Hawk 9000. An amazing piece of innovation that was literally and figuratively cutting edge. Ricky Bobby filed a Patten for the knife and received an exclusive distribution deal through the convenience chain, Walmart. Christmas is coming up and what better gift to give your loved one then the Jack Hawk 9000 available at Walmart.